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Rico Wear – How to Dress up all black 1/31/17

  • 10:01 am Tuesday, January 31st, 2017 by ericarico11

I would wear all black every day if I could.  Its a real problem.  So, my solution to this is that I dress up my all black outfits with a little of color.  I know what you are thinking, “Erica….gray is a pretty boring color”…or is it?

I wake up the in the morning, put on my favorite leggings (which btw I have 20 pairs of), grab a black undershirt, then grab a black long sleeve shirt and think “ugh I did it again….must add something to this”.

Here is where I got everything:

Vest is from Stitch Fix.  Stitch Fix is a [More]

Rico Wear – Rodeo Girl 1/28/17

  • 2:01 pm Saturday, January 28th, 2017 by ericarico11

Its that time of year when I only have to do the bottom part of my hair cause its Rodeo time and I will have my hat on 24/7!  haha.  Curl the ends and you are done.   With Rodeo around the corner, its time for us to start shopping.  Now when it comes to Rodeo, you have to make sure that you not only look good, you also need to be comfortable.  “Cute” only gets you so far when you are walking for miles.  Here is what I am wearing and where I bought it all at.

My hat comes [More]

Rico Wear – My new favorite boots! 1/27/17

  • 1:32 pm Saturday, January 28th, 2017 by ericarico11

My new favorite boots!  Im obsessed!  Yall are asking me, “What are you wearing”?  “Where did you buy that at?” so Im going to start sharing with yall what Im wearing every day and where you can buy it.   I’ll even add links cause I freaking love yall!

I got so many compliments on these boots.  Yall know I love the color black, literally 3/4 of my closet is all black.  These boots can be worn with all black, with jeans, with dresses and these thigh high boots are soooo in right now!

They have a heel, but they are not [More]