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Mama Rico’s Cold Syrup

  • 9:47 am Wednesday, March 1st, 2017 by ericarico11

This is one of the recipes I get asked the most about…..My kids and Tim call it my Cold Buster Tea.  Its super easy to make and store.

This stuff works so much, our son Jonas actually talked about it in his wedding toast to us.   haha true story.  There’s video of it!   As soon as anyone in my family feels a cold coming on, they run to me, “MOM!  I need your magic tea!”….its SOOO easy to make!

Grab a wide mouth mason jar.  If you don’t have a wide mouth, any mason jar with a lid will do. [More]

How I keep my life together

  • 1:13 pm Saturday, January 28th, 2017 by ericarico11

Someone just asked me, “How do you do it all?”  Haha, that is the number one question I get and I am going to tell yall how I do it.  Give you some pointers.   As it goes in this business, busy, busy, busy is the word of the day!  Im traveling from Rosenberg to Webster to Humble back to Rosenberg…..whew, what a day!  We have a total of 9 kids and between them they play 9 sports, I have three older ones that are out of school that are equally as busy and I like to help them all [More]