You must see this insane remodel on Miranda Lambert’s beloved Airstream, “Wanda The Wanderer”

You must see this insane remodel on Miranda Lambert’s beloved Airstream, “Wanda The Wanderer” 

Posted: 12:17 am Thursday, March 29th, 2018

By Jake Stewart

Whoa, Wanda!

Miranda Lambert’s beloved Airstream, dubbed “Wanda the Wanderer,” just got a ridiculously awesome makeover that has us wanting to run to the closest home improvement store stat.

Except the beauty of this remodel is that it’s not your average assemble it yourself furniture with fresh paint kind of job.

This is a job only sisters Amie Sikes and Jolie Sikes-Smith could pull off.

The Texas designers are better known to the world as the stars of HGTV’s “Junk Gypsies,” and the queens of salvaging hidden gems and treasures from flea markets and old farms and turning them into the fabulous and totally perfect custom pieces for clients stretching from Nashville to Hollywood and everywhere in between. (They even revamped Dierks Bentley’s trailer!)

They’re some of Miranda’s BFFs, and they know their girl like the backs of their hands. Amie and Jolie have done work on Ran’s airstream before, but as time has gone by and the country star’s taste has changed, it was time for an upgrade.

And boy did they hook their sister-from-another-mister UP.

Check it out in this video …

What a different look from their previous Wanda makeover, known as the “Cosmic Cowgirl.”

Look at all that dip-dyed fringe! You know Miranda was loving that. She’s in a real fringe phase right now, in décor and stage wear, and we are living for it.

From the old church pew to the grand piano leg table to that faux-snakeskin booth, it’s just perfectly Miranda.

“It’s incredible!” she gushed to the sisters after she saw the finished job. “I couldn’t have even dreamed up how great it turned out.”

Amie, Jolie—please come make over our lives!

We hope “Wanda” will make another appearance at this year’s CMA Fest in Nashville so we can see it for ourselves!

miranda-lambert-junk-gypsies-screen-shot-2018-03-27-at-1-13-03-pm (1)

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