Posted: 9:42 am Thursday, March 8th, 2018

By ericarico11

So much fringe, so little time.  Lets be honest, fringe makes an outfit…especially at Rodeo.  It takes it a step further and let’s people know you are sassy.

180210-150422.jpgI just love Ashley’s outfit!    Here is what she is wearing.   Her vest is Shyanne brand and is only available at Boot Barn.


I love the top she has under the vest soooo much.   The jeans are also Shyanne and look amazing!   But check out these boots!!!!


If shorts and fringe are your thing then check this out!!!!

I know……SOOOO CUTE!!!   The vest and shirt are Shyanne brand and the shorts are Miss Me’s…..but lets take a gander and these little booties….


LOVE!  LOVE!  LOVE!   Soooo cute!   Can you imagine the amount of outfits these would make look a million times better?

So run on down to Boot Barn and get as much fringe as possible!  Of course they also have it for your little ones!


Brown?   orrrrrrrr


Pink?  OMG these boots are making want to have a little girl just to put them on her!  haha   I love Boot Barn!



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