Ok so this dress is life

Ok so this dress is life 

Posted: 9:48 am Wednesday, March 7th, 2018

By ericarico11

180210-154644 (1)

Yall this dress is so life……I put it on and felt like a million bucks.  Its soft, its flowy and its sexy but cute at the same time.

180210-154750 (1)



You can wear it off the shoulders like this or pull them up and wear like a regular dress.   Now I know you are like Erica, you do not take those boots off.  My FAVORITE BOOTS!  They are Corral boots and Boot Barn has them like this or in a square toe.  Perfect for Rodeo!

180210-140301 (1)

You can pair with a necklace, Boot Barn has tons of them or wear it without.   Its all about preference, I like the brown ones for a splash of color, but a lot of people like black boots with a black dress.   These are Shyanne Boots, only available at Boot Barn.

180210-140507 (1)

Trust me, find this dress and wear it every day!!!!  haha, you just might want too!





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