Jeans, Jeans and more Jeans

Jeans, Jeans and more Jeans 

Posted: 5:49 am Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

By ericarico11


When my daughter, who is a stylist, 180210-163049 (1)told me that jean shirts are so in this Rodeo season with darker jeans I was like nooooo way!  You can’t wear jean with jean….well yall, I was so wrong!  Look at this!

180210-163203 (1)180210-162204

We paired with brown hats, belts and boots and I am so in love with this look!  Not only comfy, but so super cute!   Im wearing a Stetson felt hat, yes Boot Barn can shape them for you!  My shirt is Shyanne (only available at Boot Barn), my jeans are Miss Me jeans.  If you know me, you know about my love for Miss Me jeans and Boot Barn has tons of them.   Now, the boots….oh the boots…. They are Corral, again my favorite brand of all time.


Just look at the detail on these boots and they were super comfy!

Now for the boys, super easy to get these looks at Boot Barn


Now you are thinking, wait a second they have baseball hats at Boot Barn?  Ohhh yes, lots of them!   Ricky’s shirt is Wrangler brand, his jeans are Cody James (only available at Boot Barn) and let me tell you that if you want some good looking jeans for the boys / men for a great price, look no further!   Cody James jeans look amazing on everyone and they are very affordable.  Plus, they are on sale right now!  Ricky’s boots are Cody James exotic boots and remember no one has a better selection of boots than Boot Barn!


Now, that is one good looking boot!  Wow!


OK stop the presses……how cute is he??????  OMG, this kid is so adorable I can’t even stand it.   And how perfect is this look for all of your little cowboys and cowgirls?  Dallas’s shirt is from Wrangler as well so you can do Daddy and son matching outfits if you’d like.  Boot Barn has a huge selection of cowboy and baseball hats for kids as well as belts and buckles.   Dallas’s jeans are Cody James and are those exotic boots for kids????  YES THEY ARE!


I need to go buy him these in brown and black…its too much and I love them!

180210-163124 (1)

We all felt great in this outfit and I was thinking, we so need these for a family picture!  Imagine out in the country with these outfits on….LOVE!   Run to Boot Barn and get the hottest look this rodeo season.






















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