Oh these shirts!!!

Oh these shirts!!! 

Posted: 9:40 am Monday, February 12th, 2018

By ericarico11

I went to Boot Barn in Rosenberg to look at the new Rodeo looks this season.   These shirts are all the rage this rodeo season and I will admit that at first I was skeptical.  I have curves which normally doesn’t look good in these types of shirts, but every model who tried these types of shirts on looked amazing!  And they feel great!


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They are Shyanne brand and only available at Boot Barn.  They have lots of different prints in this shirt.   The blouse was breezy, soft and I honestly felt amazing in it and never felt the need to “suck it in” for a picture.  lol.  Hey, don’t judge – that is important to a girl!


You can pair them with Shyanne jeans or Miss Me jeans, Boot Barn has a huge selection of both….



Grab a necklace to complete the look….lots and lots of accessories at Boot Barn to do with any outfit.


Just look at how beautiful and happy she looks in this outfit.  She said that she felt so good in this.  Finally!  An outfit we can feel good in and look good in!  Thank you Boot Barn.   You can pretty much wear any color boots with this outfit as well.  Brown, Black, etc.


These are the boots I have on and I LOVE THEM!  They are Corrals and yall know my feelings about Corral boots….LOVE THEM!!!!   These are their new “wedding boot” and I kinda want to get married again just to have these!  Oh wait…I can just buy them.  They come in a cream colored inlay and a turquoise color inlay and they are so comfy!!!!!

shyanne boot


The black boots are Shyanne brand boots these are the best priced boots out there and super cute!   These will go with anything.  If you only have a little money and need a pair of boots you can wear with anything, these babies are the ones for you!


Im telling you, this is the outfit for you!  Run out to Boot Barn and get them before they sell out…. LOVE THIS OUTFIT!


If you would love for me to create some portraits like this for you visit my webpage at http://roykasmirphotography.com















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