Carrie Underwood’s new photo reveals just how seriously she was injured in that fall

Carrie Underwood’s new photo reveals just how seriously she was injured in that fall 

Posted: 1:27 am Monday, January 22nd, 2018

By Jake Stewart

We knew Carrie Underwood was seriously injured in that fall late last year, but a new X-ray of her wrist shows us just how bad it really was.

She shared the image on Instagram, and you can see the serious piece of hardware keeping her wrist attached to her hand. It’s even got attachments that allow her to bend her hand at the wrist.

Oh, we told you this wasn’t for the faint of heart.

It looks like Carrie has handled the surgery and rehab like a pro. She thanked her medical staff in the Insta caption, saying, “Last checkup on the old wrist this morning!! Thanks, Dr. Wurth and my PT angel, Renee, a.k.a. ‘Bulldog’ for fixing me up!!! 😉 I’m good to go!”

Carrie’s fans were super-supportive in the comments, wishing her well in the recovery process and looking forward to seeing her back onstage very soon.

Other fans had some fun commenting on the shape of Carrie’s new piece of heavy metal. One, @geoff_laurence, said, “Looks like someone snuck a little back scratcher in your wrist.” Another fan, @sandys9999, chimed in saying, “Looks like they put part of a guitar in there …”

Carrie’s relationship with her fans has always been very special. After all, they are the ones who voted for her to win “American Idol” back in 2005, enabling her to go on and launch her career. As she’s been healing, Carrie has been keeping up with all of her fans’ well wishes.

She shared a special message from a few of her biggest fans on Twitter on Jan. 18, just hours before she went in for that final checkup with her wrist doctor.

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