Sam Hunt and wife Hannah take their love to the next level in these photos

Sam Hunt and wife Hannah take their love to the next level in these photos 

Posted: 2:25 am Friday, January 5th, 2018

By Jake Stewart

Sam Hunt has certainly enjoyed many exhilarating moments in his lifetime, but perhaps none greater than the journey he’s taken with his wife, Hannah Lee Fowler.

The country music superstar temporarily put his career on hold to join his beautiful bride on a volunteer mission in Honduras. The two lovebirds, who tied the knot in a private ceremony in April of 2017, spent their first Christmas together in the foreign land providing relief to others who desperately need it. Sam, who normally keeps his relationship with Hannah private, has been documenting the newlyweds’ humanitarian work on social media.

But, the latest clips prove that the pair can have plenty of fun while making the world a better place. And the couple may have just found themselves a new addition to the family.

In the clip below, posted to Sam’s Instagram on Jan. 3, Hannah is dressed in all camouflage. The nurse walks through the woods with a baby monkey on her shoulders. The adorable new buddy is clad in a diaper and seems to appear right at home with the brunette beauty.

“These monkeys are evolving. Mamas are putting diapers on their babies,” Sam humorously captions the filmed clip of Hannah giggling and telling her hubby that the animal just can’t stop looking his way.

Yep! We can already tell Hannah and Sam will make great parents when they decide to have a baby of their own. And hey, practice makes perfect, right?

Another update from Sam features the couple riding around in a boat with a motorcycle on it, with Hannah playing the role of captain.

“Taxi,” Sam simply writes.

And, it looks like the husband and wife even managed to pose for a photo together!

“Stoics,” Sam writes, alongside a shot of him wrapping his arm around the love of his life.

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