Randy Travis’ team pleads with fans to help seal footage from his 2012 DUI case

Randy Travis’ team pleads with fans to help seal footage from his 2012 DUI case 

Posted: 3:12 pm Sunday, December 3rd, 2017

By Jake Stewart

UPDATE: A federal judge has declined to block the release of footage from country star Randy Travis’s 2012 DUI arrest, despite efforts by his wife, manager and publicist to have the video sealed, according to The Dallas Morning News. The footage, which reportedly shows the Country Music Hall of Fame member “naked and belligerent,” during his arrest that followed a single vehicle car crash, is expected to be released Dec. 1 by the Texas Department of Public Safety. The video will be “edited to exclude images of Travis’ naked body below the waist,” the newspaper reports.

PREVIOUS STORY: A petition is being circulated in an attempt to put a halt to release of the dashcam video from Randy Travis’ well-publicized DUI arrest in 2012. Randy was allegedly naked and in mental distress at the time of the incident.

On the website Change.org, the petition, issued by Randy’s wife, Mary, along with his manager and publicist, states that although the Texas Attorney General office has a state court order to repress the “confidential and sensitive footage,” they are refusing to do so. The  petition reads that the video “was taken after Mr. Travis had suffered a serious concussion as well as various other physical injuries due to the car crash.”

According to the petition, the AG’s office has “threatened” to release the video by 5 p.m. on Dec. 1.

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Randy’s attorney, Martin J. Cirkiel states, “When this case started it was only about Randy Travis, but now it has evolved into a case protecting the privacy rights of every American who happens to have a video taken of them when in the midst of a medical emergency or mental health breakdown and wants to make sure those private moments, remain just that—private.”

Cirkiel goes on to say that they are merely asking for the video footage to remain confidential while their appeal in the case is active.

He claims that the only reason the video is an issue now is “the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) got to the scene of the accident where Randy suffered a concussion before the arrival [of] Emergency Medical Services. If EMS had gotten their first, it all would have remained confidential under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). We argued that whether or not a video depiction of a person’s decompensated medical and mental condition should be public or private, should not turn on which government official gets there first. The State Courts refused to look at this issue as well. We believe the federal court system will.”

Additionally, Cirkiel says that as a result of his 2013 stroke, Randy “has no present ability to comment on the tape or defend himself if necessary.”

Randy’s wife, Mary, is also pleading with fans to sign the petition. She shared it on her Facebook page and said, “It is unfortunate that there are those out there that wish for bad things to happen to good people, and will go to any length to undermine them. This is a case where the justice system has miserably failed and bowed down to ill-intended requests.” She goes on to say, “Randy has overcome so many obstacles; and, continues to have such a positive attitude—by God’s grace. Thank you for your support!”

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