It’s official: Taylor Swift is returning to country radio

It’s official: Taylor Swift is returning to country radio 

Posted: 2:27 pm Saturday, November 18th, 2017

By Jake Stewart

We always knew she would be back. We always knew she would go out and check out the world outside of country music, have a good time and then return home to the people who made her who she is.

Now, Taylor Swift is home … sort of.

After making a deliberate stylistic move into pop three years ago with the release of her “1989” album, the door to Taylor’s return to country opened when she wrote “Better Man” for Little Big Town, which just last week landed her the CMA Award for “Song of the Year.” Now, The Tennessean is reporting that Taylor will, in fact, get cozy again with country radio via the official country release of her sweet new  single, “New Year’s Day,” off of her newly-released album “Reputation.” The last time she was on the country charts was with “Shake It Off” in 2014.

Taylor also made a recent visit to Nashville, where she still owns a home, and her surprise shopping trip to Target set off a fan frenzy. Showing that she hasn’t changed much when it comes to how she treats her beloved fans, Taylor was her adorable self as she talked to people and posed for selfies while she did a little shopping, specifically picking up a copy of her new album.

“We always have this tradition of going to Target to go buy the album, and so we’re going to go do that,” Taylor said on her Instagram Story just before heading to the West Nashville store with some friends. While there she posted a video explaining that, “Target is really, really very … it’s very social right now.”

We can just imagine!taylor-swift (1) big

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