Garth Brooks gets honest about why he lip-synced his CMA performance

Garth Brooks gets honest about why he lip-synced his CMA performance 

Posted: 12:18 am Thursday, November 9th, 2017

By Jake Stewart

You might have noticed it during Garth Brooks’ performance at the CMA Awards and you may have chalked it up to the typical delay that is built into live television shows. Garth and his music didn’t seem in sync. Because they weren’t.

But being the artist that he is, Garth straight up admitted to reporters backstage, shortly after he was named the CMA’s Entertainer of the Year, that he was lip-syncing to his newest hit single, “Ask Me How I Know.” And it was for good reason. His voice was already under the strain of 12 shows in 10 days, and as he spoke, you could hear the coarseness in his voice.

Garth says they made a “game time call” on whether they should sing to tracks like many artists do or completely lip-sync, and he chose the latter.

He continued, “We decided to lip-sync it because my voice just isn’t going anywhere, and we wanted to represent country music the best we can.”

With a seven-night run in Spokane, Washington, starting Nov. 9, the superstar said he was doing his best to save what voice he had left for those performances. Always keeping those fans first!The 51st Annual CMA Awards - Show

Garth also took the opportunity to give a nod to Female Vocalist winner Miranda Lambert. “Let me tell you who fought the good fight tonight, in my opinion. Miranda Lambert. She’s one of few females we play, so you’d think she’d want to play it safe. She came out and she stuck country music in all of our faces tonight, traditional country music. So, she’s fighting the good fight.”

In a night that was filled with optimism, hope and healing, where artist after artist spoke about the family that is country music, that was just like Garth to shine the spotlight on one of his peers.

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