A Spring woman lost $2,000 this week, all thanks to the World Series

A Spring woman lost $2,000 this week, all thanks to the World Series 

Posted: 1:02 am Monday, October 30th, 2017

By Jake Stewart

This week, a Spring woman said she thought she did her homework:

“I looked on Ticket Line, StubHub [and] Craigslist. Found they were cheaper on Craigslist,” Andrea Falcon said in an interview about her search for four tickets to Game 3 of the World Series.

Being a pervious purchaser of tickets on Craigslist before, she said she felt comfortable about her decision, even taking extra steps to confirm their legitimacy.

After meeting the man near Minute Maid Park, she showed the tickets to the staff at the box office to make sure they looked legitimate.

“The ticket window person said those were printed on Astros stock paper,” Falcon said.

So she gave the man $2,000, shaking his hand after the transaction.

It wasn’t until she brought her fiancee, son and father to the ballpark for Game 3 Friday when she was told they were counterfeit.

“They wouldn’t scan, but the guy came out and looked at them and said they were missing two numbers on the bottom of the bar code,” Falcon said in the interview.

To her disbelief, the foursome wasn’t admitted to the park, even as she tried to call and text the man, who proved to be unavailable.

And now, even though the home team took the game Friday – never mind Game 4 – at least one Astros fan already suffered a heartbreaking loss in this year’s World Series.

Watch your backs, Houston.

Read More Here ===> https://rare.us/local/houston/a-spring-woman-lost-2000-this-week-all-thanks-to-the-world-series/

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