A new country pioneer comes clean about her own experience with sexual harassment

A new country pioneer comes clean about her own experience with sexual harassment 

Posted: 12:58 am Monday, October 30th, 2017

By Jake Stewart

The mainstream media has been buzzing for weeks with news of accusations of sexual misconduct against movie producer and executive Harvey Weinstein. Now, similar accusations are surfacing of harassment and misconduct in other arenas.

But could this happen in the wholesome, family-oriented world of country music?

Sadly, yes. And country newcomer and trailblazer Margo Price is telling her story.

In an interview with the “New York Post,” Margo remembers a meeting she had with a potential manager and producer when she first arrived in Nashville. Apparently, they made the then 20-year-old artist a drink and, after one sip, she felt sick. She explains, “They said, ‘We put something in your drink because you didn’t look like you were having enough fun.’ They straight-up admitted it to me.”

Margo left the meeting.

“I’ve been dealt with aggressively, and been in some dangerous situations,” she says. “I feel lucky that I wasn’t raped … and I shouldn’t have to feel lucky about it.”

As we all know, Margo isn’t the first artist to deal with an executive who abused their power as a trade-off for success in the aspiring performer’s career.

Late last year, Meghan Linsey, formerly with Steel Magnolia, revealed that she had been sexually harassed by an executive in the music industry, and before that, Katie Armiger and Taylor Swift both reported experiencing sexual assault by executives in country radio.screenshot-margo-price big

Generally speaking, these people are the exception, not the rule. Country music is filled with amazing executives and decision makers who are passionate about great music and work for the thrill of seeing a young talent’s dreams come true.

Margo recently appeared on “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” (watch the interview above), and it seems that she has taken her experience and written a message of empowerment for her newly released sophomore album, “All American Made.”

“I want to set a strong example and be a role model to women out there and younger girls that we don’t have to be a sex symbol,” she told Trevor. “We can speak our mind and say the things we want to say. And I’d like to break down some gender roles that have been instilled in us for so long. That’s what I hope people take away. And then, too, the definition of feminism and what so many people think that it means. It really just means equal rights for all genders, and I hope we can slowly start to chip away at that.”

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