A much-loved country trio faces a health emergency for one of its own

A much-loved country trio faces a health emergency for one of its own 

Posted: 12:24 am Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

By Jake Stewart

It’s amazing how a medical emergency can make a hectic schedule come to a screaming halt. That’s exactly what happened recently for a member of The Band Perry, the sibling group best known to country music fans for blockbuster hits such as “If I Die Young,” “All Your Life” and “Better Dig Two.”

Band member Reid Perry shared with fans a medical emergency that had him going under the knife to remove his appendix. Documented in a series of Instagram Stories covered by People magazine, the 28-year-old talent was rushed to the UCLA emergency department for an emergency appendectomy.

Reid’s brother Neil also headed to Instagram on Oct. 21 to express his happiness that the health emergency had been resolved.

“So thankful that my brother is feeling better today after a mild health scare,” he wrote. “Family is the most important thing in this world, and I can’t say enough about how much I respect and look up to my big brother. He’s the strongest person I know. Reid is the quintessential middle kid — never gets too down, never gets too high. He always stays in that middle ground of emotion and attitude (and that’s the best place to be). That’s how he rides out every situation life throws at him with strength and calm. And that is one of the things I try to apply to my own life, looking at his.”

We wish Reid a speedy recovery!the-band-perry-award big

Read more here ===> http://rarecountry.com/news/a-much-loved-country-trio-faces-a-health-emergency-for-one-of-its-own/

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