George Strait and Chris Stapleton resurrect a fan favorite with this collaboration

George Strait and Chris Stapleton resurrect a fan favorite with this collaboration 

Posted: 12:53 am Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

By Jake Stewart

It’s no secret that the Rare Country team loves George Strait. Strike that. LOVES George Strait. And we know that the King of Country Music, who is a longtime fan of Frank Sinatra, has very discerning taste in music. So, when George tapped Chris Stapleton to perform a duet of one of his big singles, well, it means more than just the usual thumbs up, you know?

During the recent Rebuild Texas fundraising concert in San Antonio, George invited Chris to join him for a performance of “When Did You Stop Loving Me,” the Top 10 single from the soundtrack for the movie “Pure Country.”

Holy goosebumps!

It’s worth noting that Chris ditched his usual retro cowboy hat here for what appears to be a beautifully shaped George Strait signature Silver Eagle Resistol.

Now, we doubt that the new lid had any more effect on Chris’ vocal performance than it does on George’s, but then again, how do you improve on perfection? But it sure did create a cool visual when the pair stood onstage together because, after all, being a cowboy isn’t just about riding horses and roping cattle. It’s about honor, respect, integrity, kindness, and honesty … and singing around the campfire.

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