Looks like George Strait has been hiding something under that old cowboy hat

Looks like George Strait has been hiding something under that old cowboy hat 

Posted: 1:33 am Friday, September 15th, 2017

By Jake Stewart

We all get used to the way our favorite country stars look. We even start to expect them to look a certain way—hair a certain cut and color, specific items in the wardrobe—and when those things change, sometimes it’s jarring to our system. But when George Strait ditched his signature Resistol cowboy hat, we only had two words to say …

… still hot.

George was in his hometown of San Antonio for the Sept. 12 Hand in Hand benefit concert that helped raise money for those affected by the rash of hurricanes this year. Apparently, the King of Country Music was warming up for the event in casual attire, which meant the cowboy chapeau was left in the dressing room and was replaced with a ball cap.

Yep. Still hot.

Now, longtime George Strait fans know that this isn’t the first time the singer-songwriter has appeared in public in a baseball cap. The avid golfer is regularly spotted on the links in appropriate attire, meaning a golf shirt and a cap. And even working around the farm, he’ll often grab a cap and leave the more formal uniform of the cowboy for either the stage or his annual roping event.

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