Taylor Swift shines in her longtime bestie’s wedding

Taylor Swift shines in her longtime bestie’s wedding 

Posted: 12:43 am Wednesday, September 6th, 2017

By Jake Stewart

Taylor Swift just proved that she’s the ultimate BFF!

The country-turned-pop superstar tweaked her busy, pre-album release schedule to make sure she could serve as a bridesmaid at her best friend’s wedding.

According to “Entertainment Tonight,” Taylor was in Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts on Sept. 2, to watch her longtime pal, Abigail Anderson, exchange vows with fiancé Matt Lucier.

Taylor looked elegant in a burgundy-colored halter-style gown and matching lipstick, while she carried her friend’s train into the church.

As for the new bride, she dazzled in an off-white dress that featured an elaborate lace pattern. The newlywed also wore her hair in a curly updo with a veil pinned to the top of her crown.

Fans may already know that Taylor’s friendship with Abigail stems all the way back to high school, before the 27-year-old singer became hugely famous. Taylor even name-hecks her best bud in her poignant single, “Fifteen” from her 2008, sophomore album, “Fearless.”

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