A wrestling giant crumbles in tears when his fans give him the ultimate gift

A wrestling giant crumbles in tears when his fans give him the ultimate gift 

Posted: 12:46 am Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017

By Jake Stewart

The world used to be filled with heroes, people that were strong and powerful, and who taught us how to live our lives in their guiding footsteps. But through the years, many of those heroes have ultimately fallen, showing off their often-flawed human side via a misstep or two.

That is, except for a few, like wrestler and actor John Cena.

You see, the WWE giant has shown by example how to live a life of power and compassion. For example, he has long been a supporter of Make-A-Wish foundation, helping to grant the wishes of countless people dealing with devastating illnesses. And his motto of never giving up has also given many of his fans the hope to live to fight another day.

All too often, we don’t thank our heroes. But recently, some special people got to thank John Cena.

Via handwritten notes that seemed to add to the power of the moment, fans of all ages told John about why he was their hero. From the mom who stuck with an adoption, to the boy whose mom was diagnosed with cancer to the man in the devastating accident, they all were there to thank the wrestling giant. But ultimately, he ended up thanking them. As each of them entered the room, the gentle giant couldn’t help but crumble in touching tears.

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