Posted: 8:06 am Friday, August 18th, 2017

By ericarico11

I get compliments on this dress every single time I wear it.  I wore it when I was on KPRC Channel 2’s Houston Life TV show and everyone was likek “Where did you get that at?”   Im telling you, you can wear this anywhere with anything.  I’ve worn it like this with boots


Ive worn it with heels and wedges and with riding boots.  Its not too short, its not too long and its so soft!   I have it in every color they’ve ever had.

Here it is in red so you can see what it looks like:


with a jacket / without a jacket, with a long necklace….Im telling yall, you cannot go wrong with these dresses.   Its at my favorite boutique.  I seriously stalk their site every single day cause they have new items every single day.  Here are some of their pictures so you can see what Im talking about:

Also, their social media is never annoying which is a big thing now.  I don’t need 800 snap chats of your personal life…I wanna see clothes!  and they do that…love it!   Here is the webpage to buy this dress.  Just hurry before they sell out:

I just bought me another one because I love them THAT much…I probably shouldve bought two…..remorse!  Im 5’4″ 125 pounds and got a small, they’re very stretchy.




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