Luke Bryan hilariously gets smacked in the face with fan’s lingerie

Luke Bryan hilariously gets smacked in the face with fan’s lingerie 

Posted: 12:24 am Wednesday, August 16th, 2017

By Jake Stewart

There are two rules that every fan must be aware of when it comes to Luke Bryan’s precious body parts — don’t touch his booty, and don’t hit him in the face.

The country music superstar has been known to speak out about his “no butt-grabbing” rule from time to time, but he hasn’t quite opened up about the rest of his swoon-worthy assets.

That is, until one of his recent concerts.

During Luke’s show at the Lakeview Amphitheater in Syracuse, New York, on Aug. 12, one concertgoer tossed her bra up onstage. The undergarment didn’t land on the floor right away though. Instead, it first hit the “Strip It Down” singer’s face.

“Kind of watch the face,” Luke lightheartedly told the women, who was standing in the front row at the show. “Don’t hit me in the face with something where your boobies were.”

After pointing out the woman’s bold move, Luke unfolded the black bra and began to crack a few jokes at her expense.

“One girl down there goes, ‘It wasn’t me. Mine won’t fit in them,’ ” he quipped, as the audience laughed.

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