Things get downright trippy in brand new Florida Georgia Line video

Things get downright trippy in brand new Florida Georgia Line video 

Posted: 12:38 am Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

By Jake Stewart

God knows that Las Vegas is always a good time, but heck, the city looks downright trippy in Florida Georgia Line’s new music video.

And yes, we are a tad confused by it all.

The video for their song “Smooth” starts out with FGL’s Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley on the side of the road, stranded thanks to a bum pickup truck. Next thing you know, they end up hitchhiking alongside some interesting Vegas characters, including everyone from an Elvis impersonator to a pink Cadillac-driving character simply referred to as “Cat Daddy” (played by mega-hit Nashville songwriter Craig Wiseman) to two guys that look awfully like the country duo, circa 2012.

And of course, things go from crazy to crazier from there, and somehow end up with a wedding.

“I’m really excited about this ‘Smooth’ video; it’s my first time co-directing,” shared Brian in a press release. He made his directorial debut alongside TK McKamy. “It’s been really cool to write the treatment and see this thing slowly come to life,” he added.

“We’ve learned a lot of dance moves, had a great time,” added Tyler. “TK and BK, they crushed it. It’s been an amazing experience here in Vegas. It’s been a party.”

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