Gwen Stefani is caught wearing rings on THAT finger

Gwen Stefani is caught wearing rings on THAT finger 

Posted: 12:24 am Monday, July 24th, 2017

By Jake Stewart

blake-shelton-gwen-stefani-pca big

It probably went unnoticed by many, but for those believers in happily-ever-after and, even more, those who love the combination of Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton, it was spotted right away.

In a perfectly innocent Snapchat video, shared by that stellar Instagram page @GwenAndBlake, Gwen was showing off a handful of personalized candies held in her perfectly manicured left hand. Some of the candies said #TeamGwen, while others appeared to have Harajuku images on them. Gwen remarks that she must eat them since they do have her name on them.

We support that, Gwen.

But even more tasty than chocolate were the comments that many of her fans made regarding, not her nail color, but the jewelry she wore on that left hand — particularly her ring finger. A slender band with clear stones sits atop another ring that may or may not have a single stone.

“Um, notice a ring on her finger,” “Looks like two” and “there are 2 … hmmmm,” were just some of the responses, so we put on our best sleuthing attire and did a little digging for a more revealing photo of that important piece of jewelry.

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