The Red Dress

The Red Dress 

Posted: 10:03 am Wednesday, May 31st, 2017

By ericarico11

Sometimes you find an outfit and you are like “Wow!  I can wear this everywhere”!  Every time I wear this, people ask me where I got the dress from, where I got the boots from….well, here you go.

Yes, it is this outfit for me, so don’t be surprised if you see me everywhere in it….no really, I wore it to Dallas’s graduation…I LOVE these dresses!  I just paired it with a necklace I got at Boot Barn.

They’re stretchy, super soft and just the right length.  They are called Piko dresses and they are at ,

Let’s be honest, I love every thing from this boutique, but once I bought this dress, I went back and bought it in every color!

Here it is in plum:

you can message them and ask them if they will be getting more, but I check their new arrivals daily.  They have new arrivals every single day.

Now, when it comes to jean jackets I am SOOO picky on the fit.  This jean jacket is PERFECT!!!!  I got it in an XS, but honestly a small probably would have been better if I wanted to button it, but I don’t.

They still have them in stock, so hurry and get yours.  XS-1X

We all know how I am with boots, these are my new favorite.  I never knew a pointed toe boot could be so comfortable.   You know that Boot Barn is my place for all my boots, they actually have these in stock right now.   Trust me, you will be like I NEED THESE the second you put them on!

So act surprised when you see me out in this, ok?  Deal?



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