Cowboys in Plaid…. (swoon)

Cowboys in Plaid…. (swoon) 

Posted: 7:12 am Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

By ericarico11

There is just something so classic about a cowboy in plaid.   It looks great on the little ones, on the teens and on grown men!  Just a classic, never go out of style look….that is what you need to fill your closet with!  These are all my boys, can you tell I really like plaid?

Ricky’s wearing Cody James from head to toe.  Such a great line for men and boys!

Great fit on the jeans, they my son Ricky’s all time favorite brand of jeans.  He can wear these with anything.


I know, I know, its Houston…..we need short sleeve too!   No problem, Boot Barn has plenty of that for you working or hot in Houston cowboys.  Christian is also wearing Cody James from head to toe.   That brand is only available at Boot Barn by the way.


OMG why are you soooo cute, son?????   Little cowboys are the cutest things in this world!!!!!  Boot Barn has a big selection of cowboy hats for little cowboys and cowgirls…lots of colors.  Dallas has on a Cody James shirt with a an Ariat jacket and Wrangler jeans.   Check out those little cowboy boots…..come on son, this is way to much cuteness for one blog.

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