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Women in plaid – Boot Barn

You just can’t beat plaid right now.   The more of this you have in your closet, the better!

This shirt is everything I love about plaid.  Great colors that go with everything, Its Shyanne.  Shyanne is only available at Boot Barn.  My jeans and even my boots are Shyanne!  I’m a little obsessed with this line.  Actually, all of the shirts in this blog today are Shyanne.  I told you, you will want it all.

Need a show shirt for Rodeo for your kids?  No problem!  Boot Barn has everything you need for your kids and you.   Biggest selection of hats and belts and boots too.  For a mom, this is priceless.  Easy parking, lots of help inside and big dressing rooms so the kids fit in there with you and can’t peek under the stalls and embarrass you.  haha…yes, this happens to me every time.  That’s why I love the all enclosed dressing rooms at Boot Barn.

Super cute, right?????  Ahhh love love love this dress.  So sexy and simple and cute.   Like I said, its Shyanne but so are the boots.  I dare you to try this dress on and not feel like a million bucks.

So if it is plaid you are looking for, just run over to Boot Barn.   Now you understand why its the only place I shop for Rodeo?