The New 93Q

Hello there Cowboy – Boot Barn

“Hello there cowboy” is what you are going to say when you see men dressed like this for Rodeo this year.   Its a classic cowboy look.

Its great for anywhere you need to go, Rodeo, a date, to the club, pretty much anywhere.   Now if you are wondering what brand is a “safe” brand where you can pretty much like every single thing you see – that’s Cody James.  This whole entire outfit is Cody James, even the boots!

Once you put Cody James jeans on your man, you are not going to want him to wear anything else.   Always a perfect fit!  I mean look at those jeans…well don’t look too hard cause that is my son.  haha.

See!  Told you, all my boys wear Cody James jeans!

As soon as Christian put these boots on, its started….”Mom…can I have these boots?  Mom please, I LOVVVVE them”.   Just know that after putting these on, you will want to keep them forever.

Remember, only Boot Barn has Cody James oh and they have Cody James for little boys too.  Dallas loves his Cody James outfits.