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My favorite cowboy look – Boot Barn

If you buy this outfit right here and wear it every single day, I would be A-ok with it!   No for real, this is my absolute favorite look!

Classic black Ariat shirt, yes ‘Im obsessed with Ariat shirts.   Every man in my family has at least one of these…in fact, all my boys and my husband wore this exact outfit with a black blazer for our wedding.

Aren’t they so handsome?  Our whole wedding party outfits were from Boot Barn in fact.  and I had like 27 groomsmen and 27 bridesmaids….don’t believe me?  Check it out….if you think about it, we probably bought over 70 pairs of boots from Boot Barn in total because even my flower girls and ring barers had new boots on!  Did I not tell you that they had a huge selection?

haha, I told you!   The groomsmen have the white Ariat shirts, did I not tell you I was obsessed with these shirts?  The brown vest totally made the look.  They looked like very handsome outlaws.   Yes, that is a George Strait hat they are wearing.

One of the best things about these shirts is that they will give you the best “tuck in” job ever.  They will not come untucked.  I suggest you buy a size smaller as they run a little big.   For instance, Ricky was wearing this shirt and he and Dallas started wrestling BEFORE we took the pictures….oh boys, they are crazy.   No untucked shirt at all!

That’s before and after…..I did not fix him at all after the wrestling happened.

and my other favorite….Rock n Roll jeans…perfect fit…every time.

Boot Barn has the biggest selection of all my favorite stuff, now you know why I’m so loyal to them?  Why would I go anywhere else?  Something for everyone in one place. I mean come on, my whole wedding could’ve been a Boot Barn commercial.  haha