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My Perfect Cowboy – Boot Barn

Kids dressed for Rodeo has to be the cutest thing ever!  My sunshine is rockin’ this outfit.

They have the cutest selection of little cowboy and cowgirl hats at Boot Barn.  I’m telling you, this is why I love shopping there.   Dallas has a mini cowboy hat in black felt, brown felt and straw…all from Boot Barn.  You can dress the whole family in one place, complete with accessories.

Now when it comes to kids, its all about two things.  1.  Comfort – they will be doing so much walking on those little feet, please make sure they are comfortable.   2.  Cuteness, obviously.  Dallas loved these boots from the second he tried them on and if you are worried, they have the biggest selection of boots for the little ones that I’ve ever seen.  I mean look at these little man boots…ugh I love this outfit so much.

I told y’all that I’m a huge fan of the Ariat shirts for boys.  Long enough so that no matter how hard and rough this little cowboy plays, it will not un-tuck.  That is priceless for a mom.   There is nothing cuter than this little wrangler butt.   Thank goodness they have belts and buckles at Boot Barn because Dallas’s britches seem to always be slippin’ down.  Haha  problem solved!

The only problem you will have is this,  “Mom can I please have it all?”  I couldn’t help it.  Seeing him dressed like this makes this mama so happy.  With that face, who could say no?  Remember to try the shirt in a size smaller than they normally wear.  Ariat normally fits a little big.   Don’t forget to send me pictures of your little ones at Rodeo!


Photos by:  Roy Kasmir Photography.  If you would love for me to create some portraits like this for you visit my webpage at