RICO WEAR Thigh High Boots? Yes please!

RICO WEAR Thigh High Boots? Yes please! 

Posted: 8:39 am Friday, February 3rd, 2017

By ericarico11

Yall just don’t understand how deep my obsession with thigh high boots is.  I want every color there is.  I have red, blue, cream and these bad boys….So I showed yall and talked about them on The New 93Q’s Facebook Live and got a ton of  messages, “Where did you get those?”


They just make every thing look a million times better.  I wear them with jeans and dresses.  Tim likes to have our studio pitch black and so you can’t see them very well even though I lightened the picture a hundred times.


Here is a better picture that I took from the website where I bought them from.  I bought them from my favorite boutique Closet Candy, Im obssesed…its really bad!  I think I like it so much because they put the outfits together for you.   You can buy the shirt, the jeans and the shoes in the picture you see.  They release new items EVERY SINGLE day, so every day I get on and check it…for real.   I told you, Im obsessed…its like Christmas morning….”Ooh I wonder what cute stuff they have today that I MUST have”.   Oh and I snap chatted them the other day and they actually answered me back.   Customer Service is just on point.  Great quality, inexpensive and fast shipping…..yup Im all about it.  When I find something I love, I want everyone to know about it.  Yall know that.


These bad boys have ties in the back so they can fit pretty much anyone’s thighs.   Click here to go directly to this boot.  If you want them in cream (yes I have those too), click here to go to those.  But, wait….there is more.  They even have thigh high boots that are low heeled, click here for those.  Yes, I know their whole inventory.   Quit judging me, I do it for yall!

Look at how cute they look with sweaters….love!~


Now get ready to say…OMG that is soooo freaking cute


yes…I bought that whole outfit!  haha.. click here for this outfit


I got my shirt from Closet Candy too and I got my jeans from Hollister.   The choker is from Harwin…of course.  I love Harwin!

Ok so do NOT tell your hubbys that I am the one that told you about  this website because you are trying to throw your money at them.  It is not my fault, you have been warned.  Its extremely addicting.

Send me pictures of you if you buy anything!  I wanna see!

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