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Hey there Cowboy – Boot Barn

Oh Cowboys are the most beautiful creatures in this world!   Hey, don’t judge me you know its true.   I love a cowboy with a very simple, classic look like this.  Its not trying to hard, its tough, its rugged, its super sexy.

Tim is a no frills kind of guy, so put a George Strait Resistol hat.   Please make sure you ask the experts at Boot Barn to shape your hat according to your face.  Trust me, they are so good at this.


You will notice that I LOVE basic Ariat shirts for men.  If you see my husband or any of my boys the chances of them having on an Ariat or a Cinch shirt are pretty dang good.   The white shirt is Ariat, trust me every cowboy needs at least one of these.  Now when you go to Boot Barn, just know that you will probably need to get a size smaller than you normally wear.  They run big and they are really long which is perfect cause you will stay perfectly tucked in ALL day long.  Easy to wash, easy to iron (or steam in my case), these are the best shirts in my opinion.

Now, lets be honest we live in Houston and weather is CRAZY!  One day its 100 degrees at Rodeo and the next is 32 degrees.  You need to be ready and this jacket is perfect.  Light weight, looks great and it has something that I tell EVERYONE to get when going to Rodeo.  Ready for this?  A huge Erica Rico Rodeo Tip coming up in 3……2……1…… get a jacket that has pockets that zip up.   This way you can hold your wallet, your keys, your wife’s lipstick, your carnival tickets, etc and they wont fall out.   Im telling you, this is a must.

Tim is literally begging me to buy these boots for him.   He found his “sole mate” in boots.   He said that these were best boots EVER and he “needs” them.

They also have tons of men’s belts and buckles, so like I said….one stop shop!

oh look at him, he is feeling himself and I love it!   Lookin good cowboy!

Pictures by Roy Kasmir Photography