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My Favorite Outfit – Boot Barn

When I try to dress myself, it is not great.   Yall know that my daughter is a stylist and was a buyer for a boutique, well let me tell you….there is a reason why everyone hires her to do styling for commercial shoots and photo shoots.  This girl has got talent!  I looked at the same exact clothes she did and she came up with this outfit…..and I love it!  I bought it the second I tried it on.  “I WANT IT ALL!” is a direct quote of what I shouted after seeing it in the mirror.

I mean, how sassy am I in this?  I’m obsessed with this outfit.  Of course I have on my George Strait Resistol hat, never leave home without it during Rodeo.  They can shape your hat for you there at Boot Barn.  If you like the shape of mine, ask for a George Strait shape or just show them a picture of mine.  Yes, once again I only did the bottom half of my hair.  One of the many great reasons to be a cowgirl.

So Danielle grabbed a Jack Daniels tank top and grabbed that amazing fringe vest (these are sooo in right now).  Now I would have never thought about putting those two together and Danielle told me that vests can dress up any tank top.   Boot Barn has tons of vests right now, cute ones like this.  I’m going to be a vest girl from now on.  I ended up buying 5 different vests at Boot Barn in Rosenberg.

Can you tell I’m feeling so cool in this outfit…its like “Yes, I have my stuff together.  I know how to dress myself well”…haha!   One thing a lot of people don’t realize about Boot Barn is that they have TONS of accessories like this necklace I have on.  I love it and it goes with tons of things.  You will be seeing a lot of this necklace, I promise you that.

Pair it with some skinny jeans because you HAVE TO SHOW THESE BOOTS!  OMG these boots!!!!

Remember I told y’all that you will know you’ve found your “sole mate” the second you put on the boots.   Well unlike your hubby or wife, you can have MANY sole mates when it comes to boots.  This is one of mine.  Its really important to me to introduce y’all to the main people in my life.   Id like to formally introduce you to Cheyenne (the boots).  Yes I name my boots.  You will be seeing a lot of her during rodeo.  These goes great with jeans or shorts or a dress.  I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it!!!!  No worries Boot Barn has the biggest selection of boots, so no worries you will find your sole mate too.

Ok last picture I swear….I LOVE THIS OUTFIT.  Just pretend like you haven’t seen it when I see you at Rodeo!  haha I love yall!  Let’s Rodeo!