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Rico Wear – How to Dress up all black 1/31/17

I would wear all black every day if I could.  Its a real problem.  So, my solution to this is that I dress up my all black outfits with a little of color.  I know what you are thinking, “Erica….gray is a pretty boring color”…or is it?

I wake up the in the morning, put on my favorite leggings (which btw I have 20 pairs of), grab a black undershirt, then grab a black long sleeve shirt and think “ugh I did it again….must add something to this”.

Here is where I got everything:

Vest is from Stitch Fix.  Stitch Fix is a website that sends you cloths every month, you try it on at home and ship back whatever you don’t want or whatever doesn’t fit you.  Its one of my favorite things.  Its like Christmas every month when I get my box.  They look at your Pinterest boards to get to know your style and how you want to dress, you give them your sizes and what patterns you don’t like, what types of clothes you do like.   The stylists are pretty awesome.  It can be a little pricey sometimes but so worth not having to go to a mall and search for the items myself.  Great quality too.

My long sleeve black shirt is from Target.  I seriously just buy several of these every winter and use them with different vests and cardigans.

The Leggings are my favorite leggings that my daughter sells…..nothing compares to these.

Boots are from  oh don’t get me started on I LOVE it!  I have like 15  pairs of boots from shoe dazzle, great prices, great products!

I don’t think they have these anymore on that site but I know for a fact that Closet Candy these are amazing and pretty close and in stock!  LOVE THESE!