Rico Wear – Rodeo Girl 1/28/17

Rico Wear – Rodeo Girl 1/28/17 

Posted: 2:01 pm Saturday, January 28th, 2017

By ericarico11

Its that time of year when I only have to do the bottom part of my hair cause its Rodeo time and I will have my hat on 24/7!  haha.  Curl the ends and you are done.   With Rodeo around the corner, its time for us to start shopping.  Now when it comes to Rodeo, you have to make sure that you not only look good, you also need to be comfortable.  “Cute” only gets you so far when you are walking for miles.  Here is what I am wearing and where I bought it all at.



My hat comes from Boot Barn, of course.  My favorite country store.   It is a Resistol George Strait hat.   Make sure that when you buy your hat, you get someone who knows how to properly shape a hat.  It has to fit you and your face and head.   I recommend going to Boot Barn in Baytown and asking for Con or Boot Barn in Rosenberg and asking for Darryl.  Hes a huge brat, but so good.  I ask for the George Strait shape, which is the harder edges on the front.


The shirt comes from Guess in Memorial City Mall

The belt is from Boot Barn

The jeans are Miss Me’s and I bought them at Boot Barn as well.  Im telling yall, one stop shop.  Get something with pockets that button in the back so that you can put money, credit cards, etc back there and they wont fall out if you sit down or go on rides.

Now boots are sooo important!  I pretty much only buy Corral boots, my all time faves!  If you will be going to rodeo or mainly using boots to walk around on sidewalks or concrete, make sure you get some with the rubber part on the sole.  Trust me, you will be able to walk all day in these if they have that.   I love Corral boots because it feels like someone else already broke them in for you.  I prefer square toed boots for comfort.  Once you try them on, you wont want any thing else!



This is what Im talking about…this is how the bottom should look.

Just go to Boot Barn, they will hook you up from head to toe!  Easy!

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