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See how these Blake Shelton fans earned a place of honor in his home

  • 12:52 am Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017 by Jake Stewart

We can’t say that one country star loves their fans any more than another because, truth be told, country stars in general adore their fans. That’s not just because they keep them in a job, but also because those fans don’t hesitate to show their support. Blake Shelton, who has some of the most die-hard fans in the biz, got an especially sparkly show of support in Canada recently.

Appearing at the Country Thunder music festival in Calgary, Alberta, Blake was blown away when seemingly the entire audience raised their cell phones overhead during [More]

A wrestling giant crumbles in tears when his fans give him the ultimate gift

  • 12:46 am Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017 by Jake Stewart

The world used to be filled with heroes, people that were strong and powerful, and who taught us how to live our lives in their guiding footsteps. But through the years, many of those heroes have ultimately fallen, showing off their often-flawed human side via a misstep or two.

That is, except for a few, like wrestler and actor John Cena.

You see, the WWE giant has shown by example how to live a life of power and compassion. For example, he has long been a supporter of Make-A-Wish foundation, helping to grant the wishes of countless people dealing with devastating illnesses. [More]

Luke Bryan debuts an unreleased song that might raise a few eyebrows

  • 12:34 am Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017 by Jake Stewart

Luke Bryan has been using many of his VIP pre-show hangs to showcase new music, getting a little sneak peek at how fans would react to different songs as he prepares to release a new album.

And yes, all of them have sounded like hits.

But one song in particular seems as if it might raise a few eyebrows. Shared during a recent pre-show concert, Luke sang a song possibly called “What Makes You Country,” with lyrics that include “people talking about what is and isn’t country” and “let me hit you with some hardcore [More]

Katy ISD Unveils $70-million, 12,000-seat High School Football Stadium

  • 12:29 am Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017 by Jake Stewart

A new high school football stadium in Katy’s Independent School District seats 12,000 people, has massive locker rooms, restrooms, concession stands to the tune of $70.3 million.

Legacy Stadium is drawing crowds — and national attention — as the nation’s most expensive high school football venue.


  • 8:06 am Friday, August 18th, 2017 by ericarico11

I get compliments on this dress every single time I wear it.  I wore it when I was on KPRC Channel 2’s Houston Life TV show and everyone was likek “Where did you get that at?”   Im telling you, you can wear this anywhere with anything.  I’ve worn it like this with boots


Ive worn it with heels and wedges and with riding boots.  Its not too short, its not too long and its so soft!   I have it in every color they’ve ever had.

Here it is in red so you can see what it looks like:


with [More]

A country star is forced to come clean about his personal life

  • 12:20 am Friday, August 18th, 2017 by Jake Stewart

It doesn’t take long for a rumor to run rampant on social media.

Just ask Chris Young.

The country superstar recently experienced this firsthand when he released a video on his Instagram page showing himself and a mystery woman. The two seemingly flirt a tad with the camera while discussing their respective hairstyles. And while the video looks fairly harmless, it ended up getting Chris’ fans all riled up. Was the woman Chris’ new girlfriend? Was it his leading lady in the new video he is filming for the “Losing Sleep” single, which he tagged in the post? Was their obvious connection [More]

Red-light cameras have netted Sugar Land almost $1 million this year

  • 12:14 am Friday, August 18th, 2017 by Jake Stewart

Controversial? Yes.

But one thing is for sure: Red-light cameras are netting a boatload of money for the city of Sugar Land.

Southwest of downtown Houston, the city is on track to make almost $1 million for the fiscal year 2017.

With a $75 fine for each red light run, it all adds up — to a whopping $977,350.

While Sugar Land must still split the funds with the state, its share goes to future traffic safety programs.

Despite Houston’s opposition, city manager Allen Bogard defended the lights, saying they contribute to a budget “meet(ing) the needs of our residents and visitors–today and in the future.”

Read More [More]

Thomas Rhett issues a heartfelt apology to his fans

  • 12:28 am Thursday, August 17th, 2017 by Jake Stewart

When it was announced on Aug. 15 that country superstar Thomas Rhett was celebrating the release of his third album, “Life Changes,” by playing three concerts in three cities in one day, everybody knew that fans would go nuts trying to get tickets for the Sept. 8 shows.

But even Thomas didn’t know how nuts they would get.

“I’m so sorry for what’s happening right now with the malfunction,” he said on his Instagram on the night of Aug. 15 after the site for tickets went down due to the overwhelming [More]

One vacationer found an unexpected surprise when stopping for a coffee

  • 12:21 am Thursday, August 17th, 2017 by Jake Stewart

One vacationer found an unexpected surprise when stopping for a coffee at Montreal-based La Graine Brulee: an old rail car from Astroworld’s iconic Texas Cyclone roller coaster.

this coffee shop a block from my hostel in montreal has a TEXAS CYCLONE COASTER CAR in it????— thomas in montreal (@thomasABoyt) August 15, 2017

While some of Astroworld’s roller coasters live on in other amusement parks, the Texas Cyclone passed on to the hereafter when the park closed in 2005.

The Texas Cyclone put Astroworld on the map with its opening in 1976. It was [More]

Luke Bryan hilariously gets smacked in the face with fan’s lingerie

  • 12:24 am Wednesday, August 16th, 2017 by Jake Stewart

There are two rules that every fan must be aware of when it comes to Luke Bryan’s precious body parts — don’t touch his booty, and don’t hit him in the face.

The country music superstar has been known to speak out about his “no butt-grabbing” rule from time to time, but he hasn’t quite opened up about the rest of his swoon-worthy assets.

That is, until one of his recent concerts.

During Luke’s show at the Lakeview Amphitheater in Syracuse, New York, on Aug. 12, one concertgoer tossed her bra up onstage. The undergarment didn’t land [More]

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